Membership: Testimonials

Green Acres has a proud history dating back to 1948 when a parcel of land was purchased on the banks of the Yarra River for the purpose of building a quality golf course for the enjoyment of members. Now known as one of the premier golfing experiences in the region, Green Acres has grown to a Club with approximately 1600 members.

Clubhouse circa 1950

Clubhouse circa 1990

Today - Current Clubhouse opened in 2012

"Early in 2010, I considered making a move from my previous golf club after 30 years of continuous membership, including quite a few years as a pennant player. So, any decision to move was going to be made with due consideration of many aspects.

"My first experience of Green Acres was a very enjoyable practise round on a Thursday afternoon in January 2010. Unfortunately, after 17 holes, we were forced to adjourn to the bar when the heavens opened and play was called off. The number of members I met that afternoon made me feel so welcome that any thoughts of looking elsewhere became unnecessary, and the decision to join was a formality.

"The course itself is a quality layout, which was a major factor in my decision- making process. It is a genuine test of golf, while at the same time being a wonderful, relaxing place to be, even if you?re not playing at your best. I?ve since found out that Green Acres is known as the friendly club. After a year of membership, I can whole-heartedly agree with that, and can honestly say, it?s no exaggeration.

"Did I make the right decision? Yes, without a doubt. I wish I had made it years earlier!

"Would I recommend Green Acres to others? Yes, in a heartbeat.

"Come and try it, and I?m sure you?ll agree with me. It?s simply a great place to be!"

Garry Clarke
A very happy new member

"I am writing to you as a member of some fifteen years plus standing.

"I wanted to take the opportunity to formally record my appreciation to you and your Directors, the Secretary Manager and the staff at Green Acres for providing an excellent facility for its members. The recent appointment of the Director of Golf and his two colleagues was, in my opinion, an exceptionally well thought out decision which will add to the enjoyment of all members as well as enhance the standing of the Club in golfing circles generally.

"With regard to the course, I play it regularly and again, the ongoing decision making affecting its maintenance and development is a credit to all involved."

Yours sincerely,

Richard Farrell

"I've been a proud member of Green Acres Golf Club for over 5 years and would use my membership on average, at least once or twice a week. For a working professional with three small children, my free time is limited so the ability to access the Club within just fifteen minutes of leaving work in the CBD allows me to spend less time travelling and more playing golf. Living only ten minutes from the Club also allows me to enjoy top quality golf without negatively impacting on family time.

"The Club is constantly evolving and the next three years are going to be an exciting period for members with upgrades to the course being completed and a new clubhouse on the horizon. The membership is very friendly and accommodating and headed by some outstanding juniors."

Simon Olive

"Competitions are an important factor in life as a Green Acres Member.

"Throughout the year, there are many special events open to Men, Ladies or both giving ample opportunity to have your name printed in gold letters on an honour board. The events take place in various formats involving individuals and pairs and may be based on stroke, stableford or match play formats over one of more rounds.

"There are also the daily club competitions as well as the side match within the playing group."

Geoff Rice

"My wife and I have been members of Green Acres for 6 years and have loved every minute of it. The members are extremely friendly and actively engage in the frequent golfing and social activities offered by the Club.

"Course development over the past 6 years, including the Legend Couch fairways, water storage expansion, landscaping, and new pathways have dramatically improved the course and its vista. Visitors and guests are highly complimentary of Green Acres, they often call it a 'hidden gem'.

"I can highly recommend Green Acres to prospective members."

Martin Day

"I am writing to record my privilege of being a member of the Green Acres Golf Club. I had originally placed my name on another golf clubs waiting list and the Green Acres waiting list. The Green Acres membership arrived sooner and I have never regretted accepting that offer. I arrived at the club knowing no one (my referees had moved interstate), and have made many new friendships. I have found all the staff very professional. The recent changes to the management and staff at the Golf Shop have been an excellent improvement as all players are greeted in the standard warm Green Acres manner.

"Any time I have bought guests whether it be a formal guest day or social round, my playing partners have been equally impressed. The common lasting impressions being: friendly and professional staff, excellent course facilities, large number of younger golfers and wonderful food.

"I am proud to be part of the Green Acres progressive golfing community and have no hesitation in recommending it as a premier golf club."

Kate Farrar

"Green Acres Golf Club has given me more pleasure and enjoyment in the seven or so years that I have been a member than I could ever have imagined. I was raised in a golf obsessed family and spent my childhood playing at Rosanna Golf Club and at Cowes. That was a very long time ago and although I adored the game, I can remember being quite intimidated by some of the stern lady members I encountered. I'm sure there were lovely ones too but the scary ones tend to blitz the others when you are thirteen! When I reached a time in my life when I thought it would be wonderful to return to golf my mother, (who had played elsewhere!), said to me 'join Green Acres darling, I've heard it is the friendliest club!'.

"From the very beginning I was astonished at the welcome I received. It took ages before I could sleep on Monday nights, so excited was I at the prospect of Tuesday golf. I couldn't believe the generosity of those who showed me the ropes, marked my scorecards so I could get a handicap, explained the mysteries of games like Par, invited me to partner them in fourballs and the like. I was thrilled every time I received a golf ball for doing ok in the competition and over the moon when I occasionally won it during those halcyon days when the handicap is coming down!

"Before long I was invited to play in things like weekend matchplay and after a couple of years had the thrill of joining the Pennant squad. The camaraderie I have experienced through participation in Pennant has been very special. I will always have particularly fond memories of some of the training camps that we attended such fun amidst the competition. Pennant continues this year for me after a hiatus of three years when work commitments made it impossible and I am overjoyed to be part of it once more.

"I have watched the support network that exists at this wonderful place and experienced it first hand warm wishes and support in times of bereavement or ill health, a real feeling of family. Laughter along with the wine always flows in the spike bar or on the balcony at the end of another day in that beautiful emerald field. This fantastic golf course just gets better and better and the staff are fantastic both in house and in the golf shop. Yesterday I sat with three great women after our Tuesday afternoon game and we talked and laughed and kept saying we must go and do the things that have to be done and still we sat because it was just too perfect to leave."

Sue Shannon

"I joined Green Acres Golf Club in October 2008. I chose Green Acres as I wanted to play at a course where I was not inundated by traffic noise and I had heard it is a friendly club. On both counts I have been delighted. It is tucked into a quiet corner of East Kew and the traffic is rarely heard. Members of the club have also been very welcoming. I am an average golfer and have played with members of all standards without feeling uncomfortable.

"There are other attributes of the club I really appreciate as well. The course is beautiful and, in keeping with its site on the banks of the Yarra, the vista of billabongs, native vegetation and birdlife is compensation when the golf is not going so well. It is well maintained and has always been in good playing condition even though drought prevails in Melbourne.

"The system of managing bookings for Ladies golf days is very flexible with members having the ability to book in advance or alternatively just turn up on the day during the allotted starting time. This is of great advantage, for example, when one is not sure of commitments or the likely weather conditions. The club has a large female membership but I have always been able to get a game and there are options to play on days other than official Ladies days.

"I have attended a number of Ladies and mixed functions. They are great fun and the food at these events is always of outstanding quality. On golf days there are several options for lunch - and reasonably priced. It is often difficult to choose, it all looks so good.

"In summary, I am thrilled to be at Green Acres Golf Club and would highly recommend it to anyone thinking of joining the club."

Barbara Burrowes