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Welcome to the Green Acres Golf Centre. We have incorporated within these pages a Shopping Catalogue which includes some of the latest golfing equipment and a coaching section which includes some valuable tips from our PGA Teaching Professional. Please take the time to peruse the site and return often for Golf Centre specials, playing tips and the latest news from the Green Acres Golf Centre.

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 Changes to the Golf Australia Handicapping System

Golf Australia have recently released the following documents regarding the Australian Handicapping system:  
 1.  DSR - Daily Scratch Rating and Slope by clicking HERE
 2.  The Anchor Regulation by clicking HERE
 3.  A summary of all components of the new Golf Australia Handicapping System is available on the Golf Australia website - - (go to 'Rules & Handicapping', then 'Handicapping & Course Rating'then 'New GA Handicap System'. 


Testimonial - Buy your clubs from the Golf Centre!

This is a note to follow up on my previous experiences regarding the services I received when buying my Mizuno MP59 irons from Green Acres.

I must compliment the Golf Centre on the addition of Andrew Kloprogge to your team, it has been an excellent one.

The Golf Centre's equipment fitting services has gone to the next level.  Andrew's understanding of how to fit the golf club is outstanding. Since I have had lessons from Andrew he has also picked up some existing fitting issues with my irons and putter.

As a result of some swing changes we have made together, there has been significant improvement to my ball striking resulting in greater confidence and enjoyment of the game.

This sort of service would not be given when buying clubs from other retail golf stores such as the major golf chains, as all they are interested in is the sale. The end result of my lessons and the update of my clubs to my specifications means that my clubs are personalised to me. My thought process is no longer about the manufacturers standard  and whether they are an inch longer and degrees upright or flat, but that my clubs now fit my swing and the correct specifications now ensures that I hit the ball in the centre of the golf club on most occasions with a correct swing.

I would stress to all members thinking of a purchasing a new set of clubs to visit the Golf Centre and discuss the process with Andrew and the other staff. Their knowledge is second-to-none and the benefits will be enormous to other member's enjoyment of golf, just like it has for mine.   

Ian McInally

Green Acres Member

Golf Operations Manager - Andy Curtis 

  • Golf Operations specialist
  • Competition & match management
  • Experienced golf retailer

Teaching Professional - Andrew Kloprogge

  • Fully qualified PGA accredited coach
  • 30 years experience in the industry
  • Expert clubfitter in all major golfing brands
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