Green Acres Golf Club members enjoy exclusive access to one of Melbourne’s most picturesque and challenging golf courses, as well as premier clubhouse facilities and services, all just minutes from the CBD.


Membership Categories


Membership is currently available in the following categories:

Seven Day Membership

Members may play every day, except for men on Tuesday and Thursday mornings when the women’s competitions are run. 

Six Day Membership

Members are entitled to play on Sundays and weekdays.

Restricted Membership

Permits restricted access to the course and allows a member to play up to 12 times per year, upon the payment of a discounted, self-introduced green fee.  This category is often taken up by less experienced golfers or golfers that do not have a handicap. Restricted members are permitted to play on any day except Saturday or during the Tuesday women’s competition

Social Membership

Members have full rights to the Clubhouse facilities only.

Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership is now available. Please click on "Corporate Membership" above for further information. 

Temporary Membership

Temporary Membership is available to people who normally reside interstate or overseas and are only staying a short time in Melbourne.

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Membership Benefits